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On the way to sustainable climbing holds, we started to develop an eco-friendly polyurethane that meets all characteristics that are needed for a long-lasting climbing hold and can be used for the production of individual climbing holds.

allHOLDS Eco-friendly polyurethane is very abrasion resistant and has many advantages over polyester in terms of sustainability, geometry, etc.

The material can be cast by hand as well as by machine and is free from plasticizers.

It is also suitable to produce holds that meet the standard DIN EN 12572-3:2017.

allHOLDS Polyurethane is produced carbon-neutral

allHOLDS Eco-friendly Polyurethane is certified carbon neutral

Detailaufnahme eines pinken Klettergriffs aus ECO-Polyurethan von allHOLDS
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We are already using up to 40% renewable raw materials.

allHOLDS Eco-friendly Polyurethane is certified carbon neutral

On the way to sustainable climbing holds, we started to develop an eco-friendly polyurethane.


  • Up to 40% renewable raw materials in the final product
  • Certified „Carbon Neutral Product“
  • No use of styrene and deliberate avoidance of plasticisers
  • Durability due to very high abrasion resistance
  • Material savings due to thickness than polyester
  • Less waste, less weight and less CO2 emission

There is still a long way to go before we have sustainable climbing holds. In the allHOLDS network, we are continuously working to increase the use of renewable raw materials and recycled polyols.

At the same time, in regular exchanges, we try to optimise climbing holds production with the help of new technologies such as the use of 3D printing. In the process, material, waste and costs are reduced.

Sustainable solutions are also being looked for within the network with regard to disposal or reusability.

To offsetting our remaining carbon footprint, we invest in certified carbon offset projects that lead to greater sustainability elsewhere in the world.

The product development company ebalta is also certified as carbon neutral.

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Polyurethan vs. Polyester

allHOLDS polyurethane has a very high abrasion resistance and thinner wall thicknesses can be produced. This leads to significantly less material consumption and enables a variety of grip shapes, such as flat tapered handles.

Climbing holds made of polyester are fully casted and therefore heavy. The weight advantage of polyurethane is noticeable in handling, packaging and transport.
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allHOLDS Eco-friendly polyurethane is offered for hand and machine casting. Cycle times of 10 minutes are possible. This makes production more efficient.

allHOLDS is supported by ebalta Kunststoff GmbH, leading manufacturer of polyurethane resins.