„What matters about PU material? The lifetime of the final product. The most important characteristic of climbing holds is abrasion resistance. allHOLDS target is to deliver the best material in Europe and the latest development reach this target already. However, we want to continue with a development also for the future.”

Virgin Grip

„At allHOLDS, requirements and wishes are taken seriously and the cooperation with various climbing hold manufacturers results in further synergies that have a positive effect on the development of an optimal climbing hold material.“


„We see the allHOLDS material as promising with a special feel and the community as a great opportunity to optimize the process along the value chain. Through the exchange between manufacturers, suppliers, climbing halls and route setters, the climbing scene can be made more sustainable, efficient and safer together.“


„The allHOLDS PUR fits perfectly with our philosophy, our demands and wishes, in order to produce durable and resistant climbing holds. With up to 40% share of renewable raw materials and 100% plastic-free packaging, we can now offer our customers an increasingly sustainable product.“


„In addition to abrasion resistance, we also exchange information within the network about other features that are very important to us for a climbing hold. We discuss and improve dimensional stability, bending strength and colour quality. For us as climbing hold producer allHOLDS polyurethane is currently the best material on the market.“

Allgäu Holds

Every climbing hold is the result of two main factors. The most important is a high quality resin and even more important is a person who knows how to use it. We believe that behind every resin is a person who pours it into the mould and takes care of the perfect conditions: heat, humidity, pre-curing and post-curing. It is in this perfect symbiosis that our holds are born. We are also proud to use resin that is made from 40% renewable raw materials. This fits perfectly with our environmental policy, as we use energy supplied mainly by our 10kW photovoltaic plant.

Bat Holds

„From the very beginning, we were enthusiastic about the idea of developing a material specifically for climbing holds. We are constantly in contact with the members to get feedback and further develop the product. It is also important to us that the additional products, such as colours or silicones, are also optimally matched to the requirements.“

ebalta Kunststoff GmbH


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