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Who are we?

We are a network of independent climbing hold producers together with the polyurethane developer ebalta. Our Vision: Creating climbing holds sustainably while offering variety and quality.

The allHOLDS network was founded to connect independent producers of climbing holds and to jointly develop a polyurethane-based material tailored to their needs. The members of the network share the vision of offering a wide variety of individual holds made from a high-quality and sustainable material.

With the help of the network, a polyurethane-based material has been developed that meets all the properties required for a durable climbing grip.

In addition to the synergies of material development, new approaches are constantly emerging from which members benefit in order to be competitive in the long term.

Detailaufnahme eines pinken Klettergriffs aus ECO-Polyurethan von allHOLDS

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Product Development

At allHOLDS we turn your requirements into innovative products. A strong team of product managers and developers supports us. With the help of regular exchange, the product requirements can become better and more innovative.

allHOLDS Support


Together we try to develop the production with the help of new production technologies, to save costs and waste. We test this on site with the climbing hold producers.

allHOLDS Promotion


Be part of annual meetings, joint appearance at events, an international website and enjoy the benefits of a common commercial approach of the strong brand allHOLDS.

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